Pit Mix

Age: 3

Rescue Age: 2 Years

Clementine (KIA) was at the local shelter, week after week turned into month after month. Her deminer in the kennel was not optimal, however, when taken out for a walk she was into belly rubs, walked beautiful on the leash, and was kind and gentle. Still no one was adopting her. She was melting into a breakdown. Rescue Me Jackson Area contacted KIA Motors of Jackson and they sponsored her. Then the VP of Rescue Me Jackson Area, said she wanted to try her at her home. Well that worked perfect and Clementine became KIA and the stories ending is spectacular. KIA lives with a couple who adore her, she has a summer home at the lake in Indiana, and she goes for car rides, sleeps with mom and dad. Her first night home with mom and dad she gingerly crept into bed and ended up sleeping between them with her head on the pillow. Crazy love.