Baby Kitten Care

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Baby Kitten Care If you have found abandoned, feral or orphaned kittens and wish to rescue and raise them, here’s everything you need to know. Should I Take in an Abandoned Kitten? Be certain kittens are really abandoned before you disturb a nest. A mom-cat can be harder to spot than the stealth bomber, but just because she’s not there now doesn’t mean she’s not around. If the kittens are clean, plump, and sleeping quietly in a heap, odds are that they’ve got an attentive mom and [...]

Kitten Formula Recipes

2019-10-22T13:54:20-04:00September 4th, 2019|Categories: Pet Health Tips|

Kitten Formula Recipes The pet store is closed, and you have hungry kittens that need formula. Never fear! Here are some kitten formula recipes you can make using ingredients available at most grocery stores. It is not unusual for kittens to have some difficulties digesting cow’s milk based formulas. The first formula on our list, which is based on goat’s milk, may be used instead of store-bought milk replacement formulas (such as KMR, Breeders’ Edge or Just Born) up until weaning. We do not recommend using [...]

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