Bambi chi Wawa



Age: 10

Rescue Age: 1 Year

Bambi came from south Florida in an area wooded and wild outside the everglades. Her owners thought it was a good idea to breed her and when she was not a good girl in the house literally kicked her out the door to survive in yard or under the house with spiders, snakes and pit bulls in the yard. As luck had it, the pit bulls protected her, and a young woman who visited these owners saw firsthand what was going on. She gave them the choice, give her the dog or the police would be on the way. Bambi upon rescue had a prolapsed uterus, was bleeding, malnourished and dehydrated. She was taken to Rose, her new forever home mom. Rose provided complete medical care, and a life of leisure. Bambi has been with Rose and her other rescued brothers and sisters for the past 9 years; her life is full, and she is pampered like no other.